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Base class

Each class extend Base class to have some basic functions mostly related to logging and inheritance process

Base class implements on demand logging instance loading. That means the logger will be united only when you first request it. This important part on loading speed optimization


class A extends Base {
async someFunction() {
// Access to loger instance (plese follow logger documentation for more details )

// get files with inheritance
const files = await this.getFilesPathWithInheritance(

* Return logger group. Just to have all logs groupped logically
static get loggerGroup() {
return "Base_please_overwrite_";

* In case of logging sometimes we might need to replace name
getConstructorName() {
getFilesPathWithInheritance(internalFolder, externalFolder);

Will scan two folders and provide path with inheritance. If same files present on to path that priority wil be for the external file